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What an exciting and evolutionary time we are living in today! Humanity has been awakened to much in the past couple of years. We have been living through what some might deem the return of the feminine on the planet, the Victory of the Light and banishment of all that has not served us for well over 300,000 years. Mother Earth has been calling out to us. Our Galactic Brothers and Sisters have come forward to support us in this miraculous time of transition into the Golden Age and thousand years of peace.


More Light is pouring onto the planet from the sun of all suns. To impulse and awaken humanity to a new paradigm and ascension of consciousness. It feels a bit like a rug being pulled out from under our feet as old dysfunctional systems come down and we are being faced with letting go of the security of everything we knew to be familiar and safe. I AM here for you! If you are needing to makes sense of what is going on - I AM indeed here for you. Please feel free to connect with me. We can explore how to embark on the hero's journey in your life to make sense of everything. 

Little Girl's Wish, Tierra and the Seven Sisters, and The LGW Spiritual Warriors & Young Wayshowers Working-playbook are tools to facilitate the shift in consciousness and awareness. I AM here for you, and I would love to explore the possible with you in a healing and whole, complete way. 

Miriam Sanua is a post graduate trainer in The Soul Initiative Program with 7 years training in the Academy of World Psychology and Creative Arts in Psychotherapy since 1999. She spent 15 years as a student of Kabbalah and other esoteric disciplines; integrating and implementing her knowledge out of this diverse body of wisdom and universal principles, that align with becoming whole, unified with one's Divinity and purpose, and living that in a most empowered and embodied way in this exciting and new world today. 

Miriam co-facilitated with partners in Source co-creations "Love is the Greatest Healing Power",  at Toronto's Total Health & Wellness Show; Heart Ways of Knowing and Being Levels I & II in British Columbia and Ontario. Other workshops include Total Health & Wellness, NLP, Native Training Ways, Energy Medicine Levels I - 4, Emotional Karmic Release and her Women's Self-Discovery series of workshops.


She has worked with children through art and story. And continues to offer personal life coaching sessions, dream analysis sessions, and workshops. Miriam inspires and motivates those she meets to realize their greatest potential - from the inside out. Being an open-hearted, compassionate communicator and intuitive listener, Miriam clearly and honestly hones in on the inner core truth and issues. Creating a safe, trusting and respectful environment as a peacemaker. Her voice, peaceful demeanour, quiet heartfelt presence, visualizations, writing and art reaches many hearts; guiding people into embodying their Divine truth and heart-centred love. Please contact Miriam for more information and to set up an appointment. 

Little Girl's Wish is thrilled to link with Terri Beauchamp at Beyond Healing Pathways where Little GIrl's Wish is available for sale. Please visit

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