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5D Awakening - Service-to-Self or Service-to-Others

In this time of the Great Awakening, what becomes most apparent is the ever-widening chasm - the differential in where people choose to place their consciousness; service-to-self or service-to-others.

As humanity emerges out of the sleep state of the darkened ages, and the materialized matrix of captivity, victimhood, slavery - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual; a shift in consciousness and focus is gradually returning to it's once-held treasured sense of equanimity and communal unity; that of equality, caring, sharing and wellbeing, nurturing and welfare for all as one.

Decades of the dog-eat-dog mentality created stress-induced, almost psychotic attitudes and behaviours that gave rise to an uncaring, flippant sense of entitlement in recent generations. Not uncommon for associates in corporations housed in their towering blocks, to step over each other in that ever-manic reach for the pinnacle of so-called success, and the 'I made it' false paradigm. Overtime, many have come to the hard-hitting realization that the glorification and chase for the glory of anything and everything money can buy, including prestige and power over, is not why humanity is here in this 3rd dimensional boot camp. Surely, though there is much to learn as to the depths the human can sink to, only to gradually awaken and rise up out the bottom of the barrel - depths of depravity for the shadow side of the human psyche. What an illusion humanity fell for. Or rather got subverted into.

Thankfully, the tide has turned. Not without a fight mind you. That shadow element or service-to-self mentality has been holding fast and strong to it's reins of power. As the tide rolls in, so too it falls back in on itself. The web and flow in and out of entanglement to reveal and allow the intricacies of life to unfold and unfurl: the very nature of creation through the wave form and oscillations of life. Out of seeming chaos stares the order of perfection for the open-hearted and awake.

These past few decades, a raging battle has been waged to topple that mentality of hierarchy of service-to-self, and in its victory reveals the underpinning of humanity's divine, sovereign creative principle of service-to-others. A deeply felt need and urge to love, respect, empathize, support, share and unify as sacred values of the Creative Spirit, experiencing it-Self through the human creation.

And so it is, this is a momentous time in Earth's elevating story and ascension back to 5D and beyond. After the fall from grace eons ago - we are now in the return and remembrance of the All That Is, All That We Are as one unified whole, complete and eternal. We are, you are, I Am the grace we now re-embody in a newly approaching life, heaven on Earth - empowered in our service-to-others.

by Miriam Sanua

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