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5D Awakening ~ Summer Solstice, The Golden Age & Original Divine Template

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Summer Solstice today - June 21st 2021, and an opportunity for you Dear One, to access your original Divine Source Template as the origin and energy of who you really are in your infinite, expansive multi-dimensional nature.

"The Light is increasing exponentially... as we have recently transitioned out of the Kali Yuga - the dark ages, into the Golden Age that we lost a long, long time ago. When we were in the last Golden Age, and this is in all the ancient texts, we have full knowledge of our spiritual and emotional healing technologies.

We need to use to become fully human and divine. So we are really just coming out of the dark ages intellectually, emotionally, mentally and spiritually and communally as a global community. In the new age we will open our hearts, minds and our spirits and physical bodies to these realities - because they are realities.

And as the 21st century unfolds, you will see all this shall come to pass on the Earth: Medicine shall make a huge change – all will be doing Quantum Healing, Homeopathic, Ayurvedic, Naturopathic medicines; and our institutions, colleges, and universities and public schools will go by the wayside. There will be whole new systems of learning on the planet.

We will cease to have national boundaries and borders; we will cease to have ethnic races, rivalries; we will cease to have gender issues, and we shall become the united nations of the planet. That is a prediction that was foretold by everyone of the Spiritual Masters. We are dissolving our separatist boundaries; we are dissolving our isolation and loneliness, we are opening up to the unity of our heart love as the Divine Human Being. We are opening up to the fact that we are Spirit having a human experience in the flesh.

The path for humans through the time of darkness was for the need to free themselves so as not to be subjugates, or subject any longer to our self and our unconsciousness, or anyone in our lives putting us down in this way - controlling us and obliterating our feminine nature.

The Love of the Universe from the moment of Creation and through all now-space has touched the Golden Heart of the Earth and the peoples. The world is being magnetically changed forever and brought back into harmony, balance, co-operation, contentment, happiness and full living health as ordained by all the Councils of Highest Beings since the beginning of time.

Always remember the full blessings and love, Light including the Spiritual Masters, Angels and Archangels of the new creation that you know are closer to you each moment than your breath and your very cells. You came to remember the sweetness of the rainbow liquid light, sounds and motions of the Soul as pure Light and pure Love – the experience of pure beingness, pure essence."

So in this now-space, this Golden opportunity of the highest, longest day of Light - remember and draw to you, your original Divine Source Template for infinite, expansive, vitally pure and deep healing and I AM Presence - drawing and embodying your true capacity to be Love in action!

by Miriam Sanua

In Loving memory of Joseph Barry Martin Ph.D, and in celebration of his birthday June 21st on this Summer Solstice Day of highest Light and Love

*The Master's Discourses (2001) (C)

Joseph B. Martin Ph.D

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