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5D: USA - Bastion of Freedom in the words of St. Germain

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

“You know, I do need to tell you about the importance of America on the world stage in this whole transition,” he started again. “All eyes were on America as the last bastion of hope, freedom and liberty for all on the planet. What happened in America was vitally important to the rest of the world. It’s almost as if the biblical rendition of the impending New JerUSAlem, was centred in the freedom of the United States, and ultimately what she represented for humanity. I recall St. Germain – Spiritual Master of the 1700’s, speaking specifically about America and her role to drain the dark swamp, and regain her foothold as the shining example of liberty and freedom on the planet.

St. Germain said and I quote, ‘America means so much more than her inhabitants dare to dream; for she is the Heart-centre of the Spiritual Progress of this planet. It is in America that the Firm Foundation of the Cosmic Christ – the ‘Mighty I AM Presence’ will find anchor in the Hearts of mankind. This Great All-powerful Light shall intensify and expand: until not a vestige of selfishness or political intrigue will remain or be remembered. Many amazing things will take place in the coming years, until mankind will truly realize the time of mir- acles is not past, but is forever with us. We will then understand they are but the results of obedience to the Great Divine Plan of Life. We are just beginning to enter the age of so-called miracles which will reveal the glories ‘The Magic Presence’ holds waiting for Its children.

America is the Grail – ‘The Cup’ for this Earth, that carries the Light of the Cosmic Christ which shall illumine the Earth, and set it in Divine Order by the Power of the ‘Mighty I AM Presence.’”

Quote: “The Magic Presence by Godfrey Ray King, SAINT GERMAIN FOUNDATION, 5th Edition 1982”

Excerpt: Tierra and the Seven Sisters - LULU.COM/Tierraandthesevensisters

America - land of the proud and free. Freedom is the true and right sovereign state of the human avatar - body, mind, soul and spirit. And the Founding Fathers of the United States of America envisioned this land to represent and offer that for time immemorial - all it offered to its citizens and freedom-loving patriots. All global eyes pivoted on the USA, with love and support. For that transition and return to freedom will impact the rest of the world, in the same way. And so it is!

by Miriam Sanua

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