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Blossom Fractals ~ An Image of SELF

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Spring blossoms are an exquisite delicate reminder of the beauty of Mother Earth and her creation. I was observing a cluster of open blossoms, thankfully still on the tree and not cast down upon the earth after recent winds, frost and snow.

I reflected on how perfect each blossom is; how they opened out of a greening bud, and how once the blossom has exuded her perfect scent to attract pollination, will fall - giving way to the promise of the tree's fruit.

What an amazing flow of energy and transformation. Similar yet different to that of the caterpillar's journey to becoming the butterfly. Essentially the birthing, flourishing transformation of beauty and purpose, and finally the fading away or dissolution of that energetic power of living life.

And how can we draw comparisons to our lives and the divine fractals experiencing life here on the planet with so much diversity and beauty? The blossoms cluster together as we do in our family constellations. There may be a number of clusters on any one given branch, just as we have smaller communities and neighbourhoods. The multitude of branches on the tree parallel our cities, states and countries. And what would the main trunk of the tree with its roots flowing into the heart of Mother Earth represent? Well, could it be the spirit and essence of every single avatar and divine sentient being on this planet co-existing together in harmony and unity of purpose and passion? Here to emulate and experience the creative spirit in the evolution of love, light, the beauty of compassion, joy, passion and sharing.

And how would it feel if we allowed our consciousness and energy to flow out of us into the cluster of blossoms? Into one particular blossom that draws our attention. How does it feel to become one with that blossom? How would it feel to be part of the constellation of blossoms on one branch? On the tree? A divine aspect of the whole? Each blossom reflecting its own unique essence. A vital and necessary piece to the sustained life of this living organism. Take a deep breath and notice what you feel. Notice how you feel. And ground that feeling experience with gratitude into Mother Earth's body. Down into the centre of her heart in the core of her body. Breathe up and into your body her love and experience the reciprocity and exchange of the life that flows so perfectly.

Send that energy and resonance, that frequency of the All That Is out across your city, state, country, continent, the planet - out into the universe at large. Realizing you are a divine fractal of the infinite whole. And all with the love for a blossom on a cherry tree, blooming and flourishing in these now moments.

spring months.

by Miriam Sanua

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