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CommUNITY is What Ascension is All About

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

All over the world, people are awakening to realize that we are indeed one soul on the planet. We are here to experience ourSelves through each other. Someone I know once shared here mother's saying, which I love and always keep in my heart: "We are all on each other's journey to grace."

And that's a meaningful and impactful statement. It speaks to our interconnectivity, not only here in this realm of physicality, rather in our multi-dimensional states of being. For in truth, we have those soul agreements to connect lifetime through lifetime, in order that through our interactions, we expand our conscious awareness of Self, and open ourselves as vessels, temples of the Divine that lives in our hearts to experience our creations.

Humanity has a common vision. Humanity is graced with that innate sense of wanting to belong and to share with one another. We see it in times of stress - how people will rush to support and help where it is greatly needed. That loving essence, deep abiding knowing and commonality, that we're here to experience life in its fullness with all whom we meet and interact with, is the glue, the interconnection of our soul's experience in the unity of All That Is.

Now more than ever in this tremendous time of awakening, our souls are magnetizing and expanding that sense of brotherhood-sisterhood as never before. Our human commUNITY is coming together in greater, exponential and quantumly expanding energies of love and the Divine Source Light.

by Miriam Sanua

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