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CommUNITY~ The Way of the Spiritual Warrior!

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

CommUNITY ~ is not only a word that denotes commonality in sharing and coming together of a group/s of people. We are talking about a UNITY of purpose. And that is one for all spiritual warriors to embrace and accept regardless of ideals, perceptions, actions-reactions!

If warriors look to pick at others they create divide, and division weakens the ranks and the line. The spiritual warrior has done enough inner shadow work to realize that when a finger points out at others - three are pointed back at Self; that's self with a capital S. Everyone is a mirror. All experiences are a mirror - an inner reflection of our own personal learning and journey into the great void of the subconscious mind and heart space.

The spiritual warrior allows others to be themselves - good, bad or indifferent. Each have their own journey up the mountaintop of soul evolution and conscious enlightenment. Every soul plays its part in that intricate web that enfolds, infolds and unfolds us all in the game of life. We are each on each other's journey to grace, is a saying I heard many years ago that I love to repeat when appropriate.

The spiritual warrior focuses on the moment; focuses on what is thought, felt and activated through the power of desire and intention in any given time-space experience. That's the goal for future oriented manifestations. The spiritual warrior is present to themselves; draws in and acts through super-conscious awareness of the unity of the whole.

The spiritual warrior acknowledges that we cannot create magnificent change without the other. We do this together or not at all. And this present now is most definitely the time.

Stand strong and stand firm. Look to the heart of all. Look into the heart of others, for there you shall see your divine light-filled reflection. Embrace other's differences. Hold the line. Or as spiritual warrior Scott McKay says - "Hold the forkin' line!" Ground the Light! Stay strong. The Light works out the rest. The Light is Victorious!

by Miriam Sanua

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