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Eagle Wise ~ The Bigger Picture


“Wait! What?”

“Jump I say.”

“Who is that?”

“I am with you and I ..”

Before the sentence was complete Micah felt a gentle push. As if a gust of wind snuck up behind him, he was nudged forward. Off the cliff. Off he flew. Micah flung his arms open wide like wings as if they would help him fly.

He furiously flapped his arms. It was no use. He was falling. Down. Down. Down. For a moment his heart was pounding hard and fast; faster and faster like a drum. All he could see was the ground coming up closer and closer to him. What to do he thought. Flapping his arms was not going to save him. They were not wings that would lift him up with the air streams and currents.

Micah took a deep breath and shut his eyes tight. He let go of worrying and his heart beat slowed. His mind became still as he heard the wind rushing past his ears. Suddenly, he felt as if he was being lifted. His body was supported by something that came in from underneath him.

He opened his right eye to see he was seated on a large bird. He felt the warmth of the feathers against his skin. What was this bird? An eagle? A condor?

He was riding on the wings of an eagle that was so really, really large, it could hold his skinny self and more. The wings spread out far. And Micah felt the air currents blowing up against his face. He quickly shut his right eye and screwed both eyes together.

Was this some kind of dream he asked himself? It didn’t feel like it. It felt as real as real could be.

“Open your eyes I say,” sounded that now familiar voice.

Micah shut his eyes even tighter. This must be a dream he thought once again.

“Micah?” came an even louder voice.

This time he listened and opened both eyes. When he looked around, he saw he was flying way above the earth.

“Whoa!” he shouted as he clung even harder to the bird’s body.

“Yes. I thought you might be impressed,” came Eagle’s response.

They rose higher and higher. As they rose, they were creating larger and larger invisible circles in the air. The air currents seemed to effortlessly carry them up and up. As they did so, the land grew smaller and smaller. All Micah could see were different patterns of coloured squares and circles from the farm fields below.

“Now tell me what you see young one,” came the invitation.

Micah responded, “I see fields. I see the horizon.”

“What else Micah?” another question followed in the next breath.

“Umm, that’s what I see,” he responded.

“Micah, look not with your physical eyes. Relax your eyes and see what you see from inside your mind. Focus on the centre of your forehead,” Eagle suggested.

With that, a bright light flashed in Micah’s head. It was so strong it pushed his head back. A few seconds seemed like forever before he steadied himself so he could look down once again.

“Whoa, that’s so cool. I see some people down there,” he called out.

“People? Look again Micah,” Eagle stated.

It took a couple of seconds before Micah could make out the actual outlines of what he saw.

“No ways,” he shrieked. “How can it be?”

“Yes, it can Micah. And yes, it is,” spoke Eagle. “Now please share with me what exactly you are seeing.”

“Can those be two mice eating bits of corn in the field?” he asked.

“Indeed, they are. And well done for using your will and the focus of your inner vision to see with such sharp clarity. It’s important for you to remember that you have this ability. You always did. You were born with it, but at some time it got shut down along with other great abilities. Not only do you see things with great detail, you also realize there is so much more when you look at life from this higher place. Life happens on many levels - macro and micro; not just what you see in your everyday living. Remember this. Do you understand that, Micah?” Eagle asked.

Micah remained silent for a moment as he thought about what Eagle had shared with him. Indeed, his very own experience of seeing so much from so far was a good teaching for him. It would forever change how he looked at life.

“Yes,” came his thoughtful reply.

Silence lasted a few seconds. Suddenly there was a loud and shrill call from Eagle. It was so loud Micah wanted to block his ears though he dare not let go. It was so shrill it seemed to pierce his eardrums. He held on to the eagle’s body even tighter. His ears seemed to pop and continued to ring for just a few more moments.

And what was that noise? As he listened in closely to the sounds growing from faint to loud, he could hear all kinds of music being played. Grand music. Bells. Singing. Angel music. It sent a shiver up his spine.

“You like that don’t you Micah?” the Eagle asked with amusement.

“Where is that coming from?” he responded.

“I’m so glad you asked. You are hearing the music of the spheres young lad,” Eagle replied. “And it's coming from the higher planes of existence. Good to know your inner hearing has now opened up as well as your inner vision.”

“What is the music of the spheres?” he asked.

“In simple words, you might say the music of the spheres is the vibration produced by the stars and planets as they move in harmony with each other within the celestial realm. Are they way out there? Or are they deep inside of you?”

Eagle played questioningly with Micah. “You see, everything is inside of you. What you see in the outside world, is really your mind sending images onto a screen that projects out and manifests as the outer, thus creating your reality. Feels real though, doesn’t it? Well, that’s for another time Micah.”

Micah seemed lost in the moment and the teachings from Eagle, when all of a sudden, words started to appear in his mind. He could see them, and he could hear them very clearly, even though the wind whizzing past his ears was very loud.

“Be the love you are Micah. The world needs your love. You are a leader and spiritual way-shower. Your gift is waiting for you. Lead the way,” came the words from a very deep place inside Micah’s heart.

Micah’s jaw dropped opened wide. He had never heard words like these before, and especially coming from inside of him. And so, with this deep knowing of the truth he smiled. Yes, all is well. And this is truth-telling. This was his inner knowing.

Micah took a deep breath and as he did, his eyes opened. That was a crazy dream he thought. If only. He threw his covers off him and climbed out of bed.

Later that day Micah was walking to school. As he chatted with Zeeana about his adventures in the dreamtime, something seemed to nudge him and he looked up towards the sky. What was that floating down towards him? He put his hand out and caught a perfectly large eagle feather. He looked up again and heard that now familiar piercing call. His gift had arrived. A smile of love and thanks beamed from inside his heart to his new friend the Eagle.

Upcoming Short Stories from the Little Girl's Wish Series for the Urban Teenager (R)

by Miriam Taranayia Sanua

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