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Enticement - A Learning in Courage, Strength and Incorruptibility

The Oxford Dictionary defines enticement as follows: "the act of persuading someone to do something by offering them something pleasant."

You might ask - What does enticement have to do with me? Truth is - the world is full of enticements. Truth is - humanity generally, and for whatever reason seems to have become so immersed and inured to habits and behaviours beyond their normal attitudes, actions and habits through offers of 'rewards' and enticements.

How does one remain stalwart: strong, sturdy and resolute in one's Self-knowing and awareness? How does one ensure not falling for the allure of greater things in the form of fame, control, power and fortune? It is after all a service-to-self ego that seeks to dominate and be in control, in order to overcome or compensate for its own insecurities.

The answer lies in constantly and consistently dropping one's attention from the head down to the heart. From the realm of the shallow, analytical linear consciousness and mind, down into a deeply grounded sense of who one really is. Connecting to one's Divine soul nature, that is eternal and fulfilling. This journey requires shadow work; that trusting swallow dive into the abyss of raw emotional darkness where angers, sadnesses, and fears have been swept and kept away and at a distance. Those triggers that can be catapulted into the conscious at any time as a raging reactive energy; rising up in the face of temptations of power and control through any means.

A self-aware individual will stand strong in the face of those temptations when tested. And yes, certainly the tests do come no matter what the station in life. No matter what the circumstances in life. This life is or has been a boot-camp for the growth and evolution of the soul. Experience after experience will prompt or trigger a response, to test not only one's moral compass and choices thereafter, but the depth and breadth of sturdiness in an incorruptible all-knowing of Self. That's Self with an upper case "S". As in the Soul.

Moving from a corrupt or corrupted state of mind, emotional sense of lack, victimhood and insecurities to the incorruptibility of Spirit incapable of being bribed or morally corrupted is doable with diligence, determination and a downright sense of doggedness when it comes to personal boundaries. The individual will not allow their Sovereignty to be subject to decay or dissolution - rather to be incorruptible in their honesty and integrity. The incorruptible qualities of honesty, integrity and upstandingness. moral fortitude stand that awake and aware individual in good, healthy and vital stead.

Now more than ever, we are being impulsed by the Living universal streams of Light and Love to face ourSelves. These energies, forces, are pounding upon every aspect of our beingness to come face-to-face with who we are, and why we are here. To shred every filament of darkness, that left us open and vulnerable to the deceiving enticements of an illusory reality. To transfigure and transform back to the Light - all that tricked us into lives that have not served us in any way, shape or form. To bring to its knees in dissolution, that very society or false matrix, installed millennia ago to keep humanity enslaved.

As we track our thoughts, feelings and emotions, actions and reactions - working through them diligently, discerningly without self-judgement - rather with self-love and patience, we empower ourselves. We become our own heroes. We stand tall in the face of enticements; that by the very nature of defiance and resolute knowing of one's Divine Sovereign nature,

will no longer corrupt that which has transformed into the incorruptible.

And so it is!

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