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Happy Earth Day ~ Mother's Love

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

It's quite miraculous to watch a robin build her nest. Particularly when she has decided to build it over a one inch piece of wrought iron that forms part of the vertical column to the front porch of my neighbours home. I watched in fascination as she collected her materials, including I might add a long strip of plastic, which no doubt was used to strengthen the core structure in some way shape or form.

My neighbour is a photographer, and when he tried taking pictures from his living room window, she would fly away. Yet, if he stood outside by his front door, some distance to the building operation, she didn't seem to mind. We watched her progress as she busied herself and built an amazing, perfectly round nest firmly attached and balanced onto that narrow strip of metal.

One can only marvel at the incredible mothering power of nature as she sits over her eggs, nurturing them with tender loving care. That tenderness converted to a kind of ferocity when a squirrel peaked over the gutter to try his luck at snatching an egg.

I watched her chase and dive bomb the thief. As he hopped onto the neighbouring tree and tried to make good his escape, she relentlessly took aim at him with her sharp beak. She continued until the squirrel scuttled down the tree and away across the driveway.

Job well done mother robin. Mother's love is powerful. And as we thank Mother Earth for the life she offers us on her abundant body, we come to appreciate the intensity of that creative power of love!

by Miriam Sanua

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