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Heaven is Right Here, Right Now

  • I have often been asked why I live where I live. My response is and always has been, "Heaven is where I Am." I am asked how can that be so. What about this reality? What it means and how we are meant to live in it? Heaven on Earth. Really? Right now? The answer is yes it is - right here and now. That knowing evolves as a matter of consciousness. The glass is more than half full no matter what it looks like in the outer-world.

  • So much has happened on this planet, above and below, deep below that has been kept from us. A Great War to end all wars here on Mother Earth. After eons of time and the enslavement of humanity, the Light has waged a war on the dark - those who have forgotten their origins of Light and the pure Creative Source - the All That Is. Think matrix. Think enslavement. Think false reality being overlaid upon what we as a peaceful collective once enjoyed and evolved within, easily and naturally as Heaven on Earth.

  • Through the creation of this renewed, regenerated reality, the turning of tides is upon us as the Age of Aquarius - the Golden Age progressively reveals itself - seen, heard, felt and lived. Remnants of a dark series of eras and epochs now fading away as their charge is deleted - reduced to negligible.

  • At the end of the day putting all things aside, what we need to remember is that we are fractals of the true loving Creative Source - having been flung out into the universe through the sands of time or no-time to play, and experience ourselves in a multitude of ways. To grow, learn and evolve as the Creator experiences itself through us.

  • So right here and right now, peace and prosperity returns. Abundance and right living shall be our Divinely-inspired and ordained right. Sovereignty over all life will therefore reign supreme as we transition into a new model for our society - and the workings thereof. All we need do is make a 180 degree turn away from the old dysfunctional ways of being and doing. Let go of the past. Live in the fullness of the moment. Rejoice in and express gratitude and appreciation for the profound beauty and miracles of life here on Earth. Remember the joy from which we came, and live the joy through which we return.

  • Perhaps the next time you may be asked or you question yourself about the place, the times and circumstances in which you live - delve deep into your inner-most recesses and find that still point, that place of genuine peace and knowing that all is well. All that is perfect is revealing itself when we are open, ready and surrendered to what is. Truly, Heaven on Earth manifests in all ways as we think, feel, and sense. So it is reflected back to us. Heaven on Earth - the embodiment and gifts of beauty,

majesty, peace, fulfilment, abundance and unity with all that is, is truly here once again. And so it is!

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