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How Vast is Our Infinite Creativity? Overcoming Limitation.

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Our minds are miraculous creative machines. The human is a miraculous creation. Combine the divine creative abilities, the yearning and desire to create with laser focus of the heart-

mind and imagination, and one has a glimpse into the workings of the universe. Desire, intention and visioning focus. The cosmic creative dream at play.

How deep and how vast? Is it correct to say our true multidimensional capabilities are infinite and ever-expanding? And do we truly know ourselves to be limitless? How do we tap into that knowing? Is it time now to overcome the limited consciousness that has plagued humankind for hundreds of thousands of years?

Yes it is. Our collective journey has taken us out of the Kali Yuga into the Golden Age. The entire galaxy spirals its way through the Photon Band. A band of Light and higher consciousness. We, humankind, stand at the opened gates to the dawning of a new creation. A new era. A new civilization. What are we to create with our lives and our collective experiences? How will we collaborate and come together in the unified dream we aspire to manifest at this time?

We come together as a unified, whole and complete community in the coming days, weeks, months as we traverse the adversities and let them go, knowing these ages that we partook of an experiment in duality, polarity are soon to become just a memory. The bursting of the bubble in the wind.

Remembering how vast, infinite and powerful we are as creator beings might be the first invitation to act upon. And embodying that remembrance and knowing as a deep expansive energetic frequency that fills and elevates our consciousness.

Quiet times with Self. Meditation and reflection into the deep caverns of the treasure-laden heart-space. Connecting to the Higher Self for revelation and inspiration.

Connecting to nature. Nature offers us healing, a sense of awe and wonder, a platform for gratitude and appreciation, openness and sense of adventure to explore our curiosity and desire to learn, expand and experience.

The possibilities of our creative endeavours are endless. The journey is the adventure of the multi-dimensional soul venturing ever-deeper out into the garden of the cosmos at play. The realizations become the vastness of our infinite creative minds, in recognizing we shall manifest and witness grace, miracles and wonders in the dawning of this new age on Mother Earth.

Aho! And so it is.

by Miriam Sanua

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