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Spiritual Messages for Life for Young People

Updated: Jan 17


A call goes out to young adults who are asking questions about themselves, their life, their spirituality, direction and purpose in life. In this time of change, it might be natural for young people to engage in some self-reflection. To come to a place of greater self-awareness. And so they should.

This is after all, a time of evolutionary transition. Change to life as we know it. For everything that has been considered normal and put down to fate, will for the vast majority of the population on earth soon be revealed as a false reality. Speaking to the hand that was dealt humanity so very long ago to keep this magnificent creation unaware and enslaved. Soon, this false sense of what life is about will become a faded memory as we transition into a magnificent new era of freedom, abundance, joy and unbridled creativity.

So, what of our young people? How do they fare in this time? How are they guided to ask the right questions, in the right time - to receive the right answers? They will need much education or re-education and support. Perhaps one of the best ways might be to inspire and instil a new understanding, hope, motivation and desire to learn more of what is truly possible in this opening era of newness. This could be done in story form. Stories could come to them from other sentient beings who live along side us - that being from the animal and insect kingdoms. For the spirit of life lives in all things and flows in unity, harmony, light and goodness for the all.

In the collection of such stories soon to be published - "Short Stories for Young Urban Wayshowers - Inspirational Journeys with Animal Spirits to Transcend the Ordinary and Mundane," young people can journey into the magical and imaginal realms of their minds to receive those messages. The following story is one that invites an openness and joy to find the connection in life and how to live life between the bee's communities and humanities communities. To our young people, young adults - may you find your answers in nature and the spirit of the messages that come to you from all around nature.

"Aviana looked up towards the sun. It was early morning and she was up earlier than other family members. She loved to go outside, sit on the verandah in her favourite chair, and soak her face and body in the first solar fire of the sunrise.

Aviana felt perfectly relaxed, calm, surrendered and open. She looked towards the sun and the circles of light that emanated from it. This was her daily meditative practice – kind of like sun yoga.

Today was Saturday. As it was still early - everything around was quiet and peaceful. Nothing stirred too much, except for the first sparrows and beautiful, red cardinals and their tawny coloured mates hopping around the tree tops.

The circles of light grew wider and wider as Aviana continued to gaze towards and beyond the rising sun. The direction of the sunbeams seemed to reach Aviana directly, encircling the outline of the sun and beaming right into her forehead and eyes. Colours swirled around and around, showing off the most vibrant pink, purple, orange and green.

Soon her relaxed eyelids gently closed after focusing in on the shapes and colours that came to her. Aviana drifted off into a relaxed state in the morning haze of the dawn - the new light of a new day.

“My friend, I am bee come to talk with you,” a buzz seemed to whisper in her ears. “And I greet you just as the sun does this early morning. I am drawn to you, as you look towards the rising rays of the sun.”

Aviana’s eyes twitched just a little as if to make sense of what she was clearly hearing. She was so relaxed though that she kept them closed.

“I have a message for you and your friends at school. You see I am around you all the time. I may live at the bottom of the garden but I know all about you and when you are outdoors. I wish to tell you something of great importance.

We in the bee family for example, each know our place and our purpose. As a highly organized, complex community, we come in to our short lives knowing exactly what we are here to do. And we go about our tasks with diligence and joy. The unity of our purpose and our love builds a strong and healthy community.

We share in a common purpose and goal to see the entire hive thrive and flourish. Even though we each have specific functions, there is really no distinction between each of us as we work together as a whole. For example - if the hive is too hot, we fan the space with our wings to cool it. If it is too cold, we gather together to keep ourselves warm. We constantly make adjustments to our living environment for the protection, health and wellbeing of all. If one is not comfortable – then that speaks to all of us not being comfortable.

We work together in unison, harmony and balance. Well, we know that we survive as a community. No one of us could survive alone. You might just consider our lives miraculous, yet we model the lives that your communities and societies are supposed to live. You might say our lives are a mirror and fractal of yours, and the greater whole of creation in its perfected state.

In our colony, we are very attuned to the energy of the environment, and I invite you to learn how to be better attuned to yours. So why am I telling you all of this? No doubt you have learned about the way bees live in their hives.

This is a time of great turning – turning everything you know upside down and inside out. This is a time of evolution and change is it not? Have your lives been just a little challenging of late? Yes, indeed one might say they have. I speak for our bee colonies and communities when we urge you to look at how those challenges have made you stronger.

To be sure as the sun shines, you have been given opportunities to get to know yourself a whole lot better. What does that mean you may wonder? Life is a puzzle and it is up to each one of you to place all the pieces together. Sometimes those pieces don’t come together so easily. Sometimes the pictures you have arrived at don’t look like those you wish to create. Well, let me tell you.

As there is great order, unity of our purpose and flow in our communities, we ask you to find the same in your day-to-day lives. How can you do this you may ask? Ask yourself – what is important for you now? What can you let go of that no longer serves you – your thoughts, feelings and actions? Start by tracking your thoughts, feelings and actions every moment in every day. Go looking for the truth in everything you hear, see and experience. Do you know there is only one of us on the planet? Well yes – we all breathe as one living being on Mother Earth – therefore the unity among us and within all life is of great importance to sustain life here.

You are the wayshowers of the future. And this is the time now for you to realize what your greater responsibilities are towards yourself, your family, friends and your community at large. And above all – Mother Earth and her creation. What I speak of is not found in your text books or your cell phones. We ask you to take each of your daily steps in a conscious way. We ask you to spend more time in nature.

What would you feel as the energy of the earth comes up to greet you through your every step? And how thrilling can it be to acknowledge the trees, flowers, butterflies and bees, the wind spirits and Mother Earth’s beauty and abundance for all? What if the breaths you take become more conscious to bring you back into the present moment and stay there? How good would it be for you to notice the life around you? Maintain the optimal environments to work, study and play in; in other words, keep your surroundings neat and tidy, clean and open. Less is more – please remember that.

Talk to us. We are here to listen. We are here to guide you when you listen to us speaking to you in your dreams and meditations. How empowering would it be if you could constantly track your thoughts, feelings and actions?

My invitation to you dear one, as you allow the Light to guide you, is to let go of all things familiar from the past. A new day is dawning. Be courageous and question what it means to live in an exciting new way. Embrace that new way as evolutionary. Even daringly – that of revolutionary.

Get to a deeper knowing of who you are and why you are here. Reach out to others who are committed to becoming leaders and wayshowers in your community.

Find innovative and creative ways to share your talents and abilities out in the world. You shall become teachers, healers, connectors, motivators and lightbearers. And most of all, you will go out into the world as fearless warriors of truth.

Seek others who are like-hearted and minded. Work together and share together. Bring harmony, balance and peace into everything you do.

As you do this, as you become more of this, life will magically transform and very sweetly grace your path. All the puzzle pieces will start to fit perfectly together for you. Everything you do is for the highest good of all. And you shall see the fruits of your work, and feel the happiness in your heart and soul as you continue to play and create a new earth. And this shall be a great boon to you and all your friends. Remember this well.”

Aviana opened her eyes as her forehead was now warmly heated and pulsing over her third eye. The sun’s fiery golden, white rays continued to stream upon and all around her; giving life to every living sentient being, including the insects, plants and trees. She turned to go inside the family home. The house was still mostly quiet as some of the family still slept. Aviana walked towards the kitchen where she heard her mom clattering some dishes.

“Aviana dear, please can you go to the store for me. I am baking soon and I’ve just realized I am out of honey. The recipe won’t be the same without it,” came the request from Aviana’s mother."

By Miriam Sanua

"Short Stories for Young Urban Wayshowers - Inspirational Journeys to Transcend the Mundane and the Ordinary" - to be published shortly.

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