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Nurturing Innocence and Trust

Children are not only our future. They are out past and our present moment. Why? They come into this world innocent. They hold the energy of the Source of Creation. They are pure and uncorrupted since they are so close to the All That Is. They trust they are fully loved, supported and nurtured.

Children bring the joy of life into our lives. In truth they reflect our very own inner children. Those aspects of Self - long-forgotten parts of ourselves from the past that continue on with us even though we wear the garb of an adult body.

After a lifetime of conditioning that spans the inverted gamut of social, educational, health, political and economic agendas, how is it possible to still maintain innocence and trust towards life experiences and the players who flow in and out from our stage - life's arena? It's not an easy task just as much as it's not an easy question.

In truth, it would be good for us all to take self-responsibility in going deep inside of ourselves - first and foremost. It's to speak to the need to rescue our inner children who sit in some dark, dank, deserted cupboard of the sub-conscious. Once coaxed out of the shadows and dust of neglect with promises of love, attention, appreciation, nurturing and play, the inner child can feel comfortable in the assurances of unconditional love in all the forms and energy that manifests. The opportunity that follows is to stick to the promises we have made, and allot time everyday to meditate with them, to feed ourselves with joy, fun and play. Mostly laughter. Just for the pure sake of it.

What we give to these precious inner shadow aspects, we are giving to ourselves as adults. This loving attention transforms our inner shadow children into healing golden children; returning them to the curious, innocence and trust of their original Source template.

This de-layering takes time, patience and persistence. Decades of programming need to be shed. As these layers peel away, and we Surrender, Open, Allow and Receive more of the Source Light, so too do we return to that pure state of innocence and trust. And ultimately this is part of the inner journeying and soul work for this lifetime.

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