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Sounds of Silence

I was recently asked how or why I like to sit, work or be in silence most of the time? My simple response was that it allowed me the space for communion with my inner world. What do I mean by that?

It's in the silence that we can find answers to questions, hear messages, guidance and direction, and maintain an inner dialogue with our Higher Self or nature. As it stands today - we're constantly distracted by a bombardment of the senses . It comes at us visually, auditorily, kinaesthetically - well through all the senses, and channeled mediums.

Out and about, we are confronted with it all the time: News updates, suggestive, promotional advertisements and musical lyrics; signs to direct us, stop us, to let us know we can go, signs to entice us with product. A barrage of stimuli that invade our personal space. And that space is not only energetic, it happens also to be physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Impacting us on all levels. Little do we realize this. In fact, we are so programmed to it all, we've almost become hypnotically numbed by it. We journey through our days not realizing the impact and stress all of this has on our psyche most of all.

Do we like to listen to music? Of course we do. We listen when feeling the desire or need. And we love music, with its helpful frequencies that can support one to transcend into a deep place of connectivity, as well bring joy to the heart and get the body moving in rhythm. Especially music that has been retuned to 432Hz - the heart frequency.

Do we drive with music, the news? Most of the time we do. How would it be to drive mostly in silence? To use the time to focus on being mindful and being in the present moment. Focusing mostly on the road ahead, like journeying on the middle path - and obviously besides traffic, not the distractions to the left or right, or on commercial rooftops.

Do we go for walks outdoors in the neighbourhood? Of course we do. How immersed are we in our cell phones as we walk the dog or the baby in the stroller? Is it possible to learn to tune out the noise and instead focus on nature around us - the birds, the breezes or wind; movement of the clouds, the trees. And can we feel at peace in that walking meditative state - unless of course a vehicle passes by with the bass pounding so loud, it can be a disruptive frequency, as the unnatural 440hz is. It actually hurts!

So yes, it is good to spend time in silence. In the sounds of silence one experiences so many treasures and gifts to be received from our Higher Selves and Spirit through the heart space. That eternal gateway to the infinite, and All That Is. In the silence, one becomes an empty vessel to open to so much more that is supportive, helpful, hopeful, guiding and transcending out of the ordinary and mundane.

Stillness, quiet and peace of the inner world readily and magnetically translates in the outer world as a mirrored reflection. How perfect is that?

Miriam Taranayıa Sanua


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