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Supreme Sovereignty Above All

The definition of sovereignty from Merriam-Webster reads as "supreme power especially over a body politic; freedom from external control: autonomy; controlling influence and one that is sovereign - especially an autonomous state." It's interesting to note the obsolete definition of sovereignty as "extreme excellence - or an example of it."

It may be true to say that in this current state of the collective awakening, extreme excellence is what is called for from each and every one of us. Why is it defined as obsolete? Considering the history of our species, the eras and epochs have risen over and over again, only to find their demise quick and destructive to all manner of living beings. Did the extreme of excellence get left along the wayside in the process of evolution or devolution?

We stand at the doorway and threshold of a new civilization. One that takes a steep departure from anything we as humans have encountered thus far. - hundreds of thousands of years mind you. Multiple generation upon layered generation. Ancestral lines that succumbed, and have lived under the duress of a foreign, meaning a different subverted life - the antithesis of what and who we inherently are as Divine Beings of love and Light.

And now, in this time-space continuum, the elegance and majesty of life and the living returns to us as we awaken and transition away from the sovereignty that yielded supreme power as a controlling influence. It is a breathtaking exciting time to be sure. It is a time where the Light exponential impels us to release all our attachments to what has physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually kept us bonded.

This is no mean feat for the human psyche so enmeshed and immersed in a controlled and controlling system of power over. For it might be true to say that the sense of helplessness, or the inability to envision brighter prospects to life is predominant in our society. The way out of the morass and entanglement of a deceptive matrix, keeps most of humanity captive and stuck in a mindset of acceptance and living within the realm of discomfort, only because that discomfort is known, comfortable and safe. And to transcend deeply engrained fears takes an inordinate amount of courage, tenacity, strength, vision and will power.

So, the call goes out to each and every one of us to examine our life.The Light impulses us to engage in some critical thinking. Become curious about life and what could be different if we summoned our divine ability of creative potential to imagine something grander and real: the paradise, heaven on earth that we once lived here in our complete extreme and supreme sovereignty.

What would it take to be guided through shadow work or self-awareness exercises, to unveil and overcome deep unconscious fears, or moving out of the comfort zone of the known into the mystery of the unknown? How much effort would it take to engage your will power to push through to the other side of freedom and sovereignty? Parting the waves for a passage through clearing and healing of the psyche is what's known as the Red Sea moment. The wondrous and ultimate journey towards self-realization and freedom.

Supreme Sovereignty must raise itself out of the category of 'obsolete' to that of immanent presence. Supreme Sovereignty must of necessity flow into all aspects of being - a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual integration and alignment. The time is now and your presence is invited to participate and co-create the new reality that is emerging out of an old, dysfunctional paradigm. Can you feel and sense the old falling away? Can you envision a new path, a new way towards the heaven on earth we once and will again enjoy? That of peace, unity, harmony and divinely-inspired creativity and prosperity. Life unfolds as it mirrors your consciousness - good, bad or indifferent. Guide yourself to the ultimate super consciousness of infinite potential, freedom and the power of love - that place of all-knowing being of extreme Supreme Sovereignty.

by Miriam Sanua

Little Girl's Wish Spiritual Warrior & Young Wayshower's Working-playbook

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