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The Earth Mother Reminds Us of Her Love

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

A beautiful white blanketed start to this Spring morning. What a reminder that in fact it's Mother Earth who really uses her power of love to keep her beautiful body in flow, balance and returning health.

She is the power of love. She is the creator, and it is her power of love that aligns all the energies on the planet. After so long, many epochs and eras of death and rebirth cycles, her power lines and energy body captured, disrupted and compromised, she is now mostly nearly complete in her restoration of alignment and balance, wholeness and vital health.

And the cleansing of her body may take some time, yet, how patient is she with us. Her love is unconditional for her children, and her creations. Her pristine nature will return in full measure. While humanity shifts as a collective into higher octaves of consciousness, she shall continue to remind us the power of her love is the measure to which we need to apply to ourselves, our fellow human travellers on her body and to all sentient life who travel with us here. Share some love with her. When you walk her body, send your love through the portals in the souls of your feet into her earth. She longs to receive your love.

by Miriam Sanua

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