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The Great Awakening ~ Can You Feel It?

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

We are living in very exciting times. Humankind is transitioning into higher realms of conscious awareness. Mother Earth is too. In fact the entire galaxy is flowing through a highly energized field of Light known as the Photon Band. This journey takes place every 25, 920 years. Known as the Precession of the Equinoxes - very simply, referring to the amount of time it takes for the equinoxes to precession one complete rotation around the band of the ecliptic or zodiac. This cosmic event has been known for eons to ancient cultures in their wisdom and knowledge of life both planetary and cosmically. In fact the megalithic stone circles and pyramids were positioned across the globe to mark such occasions; especially the Egyptian pyramids - to track the movement of the sun and the heavenly realms.

Well, here we are. And what does that mean for you and I? The end of the Mayan calendar of December 21st, 2012 closed one era of mankind's history to start the ascent into a new one. The birthing of the Age of Aquarius - the Golden Age. As we stand now in 2021, we are nine years into this dawning Age of Enlightenment. How can this be you may ask, given what is currently transpiring on the planet. Seems more chaotic and unfathomable than anything else.

It's not an easy time by any stretch of the imagination. No guesses here to be sure. What does it require for us as a species sitting on the Earth Mother's body in this present moment?

Well it might be relevant and important to get a bigger picture overview of where we have come from: Over the centuries, well in truth let's go back 350,000 to 400,000 years; the Earth became overrun with a species of being - let's call them service-to-self ones, who saw an opportunity to enslave the human race and Earth's resources for their own ends.

The agenda they installed was a false light inverted matrix that blocked man physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually from remembering his/her true Divine origins, only to become enslaved in a realm of duality and polarity. This forgetfulness has kept mankind reincarnating over and over many epochs and eras with a subdued, subservient and lower vibrational consciousness. The density of the third dimensional reality kept it so. We could say, this experimental play of duality and polarity continued until fairly recently. After having reached the bottom of the barrel of experience, the collective soul started to cry - enough! Spirit agreed.

The truth is - as more Light graces the planet, it compresses the darkness. The Light brings all that is not of its truest nature up and out of the shadows to be revealed, transformed and healed. This great awakening is happening now. Humans are waking up en masse. We are being impulsed to reach into the power of love we are to become fearless, courageous spiritual warriors - speaking the truth of freedom and divine sovereignty. Rebelling against long well-planned, dark tyrannical means used to keep the victim mentality from rising up.

We now say enough. Greater Light impulses us to esteemed heights of expanded, awakening consciousness. We realize we are the many, who at the grassroots level redeem our sovereignty and freedom. The revolution has begun. The revelation of truth expands. And it is a quickening that quantumly defines with rapid speed the witnessing of this historic transformation. The battle between the Light and dark has raged to realize victory of the Light. Much clearing and healing is taking place without our so much as having to participate other than to hold the Light in our hearts.To send out that Light. Spread the truth. To lovingly and unconditionally support all players in this epic time on planet Earth. One soul at a time.

Yes. The Light is victorious. And we salute all the Spiritual Warriors who woke up early enough to come forward to disseminate the truth. Those who hold the line for the rest of humankind in the process of waking up in this glorious time of the Great Awakening - ushering in the Golden Age here. Right here, and right

now on Mother Earth.

by Miriam Sanua

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