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The Great Inversion

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Once upon a time a group of beings flew into a corridor that spiralled though an unfolding, enfolding, infolding of time, arriving in the third dimension way, way back when, before anyone could see or remember.

In that reality, they espied a very beautiful organic body of matter. This body was a wonder to behold. Why? Yes, you may ask. Well, the truth is this small planetary body held the secret to many multitudes of life forms. The diversity of life spanned the elemental, plant, insectoid, bird and animal - including reptilian, mammalian kingdoms.

Not to mention the abundance of resources that included such metals as silver and gold. Ah yes - gold! These beings realized the gold on this planet held the key to healing the ailing atmosphere on their home planet and star system. What a discovery they made. And what an opportunity to have access to not only the gold and other resources from off this special planet - here also, was an ideal race of beings who could provide the labour necessary to mine the gold; and become a source of great abundance to these non-terrestrials from many perspectives besides.

A plan was created to capture this little planet and all the sentient life forms upon it. With the ability to see along the timelines into the future, remembering of course that past, present and future are really the present now, they very craftily and mightily set about ensnaring and enslaving not only the planet, but the population as well.

Picture this: A net encoded with information and energies purposefully designed to flip everything upside down and inside out was installed on the planet. It overlaid the existing matrix of infinite, abundant and perfect evolving life. And its purpose was to install a false narrative about the meaning of life and all events on the planet from the inhabitants. And so too, the veil that was placed in the ethers around the planet, cut the beings off from that vital connection to their higher divine emanations. Thus the link to memories and truth of their greatness and infinite power of love was now effectively shut off.

Epochs arose and fell away. Great cataclysms destroyed civilizations as they came and went. Great souls came onto the planet to leave valuable seeds of truth to impulse the collective to awaken. Ages of enlightenment painted pictures of the divine; composed music to draw souls inwards and upwards out of the morass of the ordinary towards the heavenly.

Yet through it all, souls were continually subjected to the installation of an energetic Ferris wheel, that spun souls around and around through each incarnation - hurtling them back into 3D for more of the same lives. Generation after generation. Souls had no respite; very little if no time to rest and recover from experiences of past lives, before they were spit back into a biological body. Each time becoming duller, and more exhausted from the grinding machine called life. For how much longer could this go on?

Then one day, one very special time in the dawning of a new age, there arose warriors of truth. They came in the millions to be born on the planet to overthrow and overturn the travesty of this great inversion to the eternal true Light. They came as the spearheads or lightning rods to ground new Light codes into the planetary grid, and overlay the inverted false matrix. They came to advance the awakening of the planet's population.

These spiritual warriors of Light themselves were awakened within good time, to prepare themselves for the ultimate battle between good and evil. The light and the dark. To lift the veils of forgetfulness, and ultimately support the awakening of memories of ancient and infinite divine sovereignty of the soul. And to inspire the expanding of conscious awareness that life was meant to be a joy: A creative, happy, vitally healthy and expansive, sharing and loving play.

And so it came to be. That great deception and inversion of the Light and truth of their presence on this Garden of Eden was lifted after many great battles were fought on the planet, above and below - far below the planet. This was a telling time. A great reckoning, revolution and revelation. A time of summoning the desire and intention for truth. A time of knowing, remembering and re-connection; to embark on the inner journey into the treasures of the heart and soul. To open the inner vision to see the deception for what life had become. To have the ability to discern that darkness. To feel into the truth and greater wisdom. To shake off the shackles of slavery and victim mentality that cloaked life's experiences and interactions. To bravely stand up and tell the truth. To awaken those around them who were still slumbering and putting all their faith into a deeply-inbred, dark, deceptive and inverted paradigm of mind-controlling information and false light.

The astrological calendar shifted out from the Gregorian times of 12/60 to the Galactic energy of 13/20; signalling the end of the Piscean Age and the great new dawning of the Golden age. A new era of consciousness was being given birth to. After all was said and done; after all was done and dusted, and those ones healed themselves of all that no longer stood for their highest good - the collective was able to expand their consciousness to acknowledge their sovereignty and greatness of love and the Light.

Soon revelations of a dense and dark world was left far behind. Soon it would become a vague memory, just like a bubble bursting in the wind. And life took on a new and celebratory meaning. A time for love, laughter, creativity and play, passion and purpose, sharing and community; compassion and equality - the unity of one and all. Oh what joy!

by Miriam Sanua


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