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The Light Works in Mysterious Ways - Increasing Desire

If everything was laid out in plain sight, most would not believe what they were seeing or hearing, even if it was right in front of them. Why? Too good to be true? Too simple to be real? Too dark to face or confront? Believe it only when it is seen/revealed?

Why does everything have to be so convoluted? Why is the truth concealed before it is revealed? What is the energetic mechanism within the human psyche that shatters the veils of illusion for the revelation of the Light on truth?

All these questions. What is the purpose? It is good to question. It is good to reflect and ask questions about what is true and what is real in your world. To sift through the morass of skewered projections and bombarding images, ditties and information. When is a deep inner learning just that? When does wisdom and inner-standing emerge out of that tsunami of information that is slung at us day and night - 24/7/365 days of the year?

When do we come to a place of absolute knowing and inner-standing? Why have we been so bereft of time for silence, contemplation and self-reflection? Is it to keep us from coming close to truth and our true value of inner-knowing? What part does the Light have to play in this game; this hologram or matrix of false realities that seems so real, considering life's challenges and obstacles? What energy field blocked us from the revelation of real Light? What dark energies inserted an inverted Light and matrix to mimic the Source Light and Creative I AM Presence, to keep us from remembering our true Divinity and Creative Soul Empowerment?

The truth is, in the beginning we opted for the experience of polarity. As creator beings we desired to experience the duality of Light and dark. Problem is that game got hijacked. And so did we. It took eons of time and the perfection of deceit and betrayal on humanity and souls of Love. And we became so consumed in the mind-numbing, heart-shutting, soul-splitting programming of that dark agenda, that the constant reincarnation cycle tired souls out. Leaving barely a whisper of remembrance and energy for regeneration and true re-connection to the I AM.

Well now we find ourselves at an evolutionary pivot. Personally and collectively. We have been at war. Although you would never ordinarily know it would you? Despite lockdowns and programs, life seems relatively normal. Not like in a war torn situation at all. And like most resilient, resourceful humans that we are, we have made do and done our utmost to make the best of it all. Difficult at times - yes.

Look how the Light has been working in the shadows. Paradoxical as that may seem. Working through those who keep the flame burning and courageously blast through the darkness. To keep humanity safe. To impulse and protect those who put themselves out in the frontlines to fight for freedom and in the name of the Light. To ensure all T's have been crossed and i's have been dotted in this current war of the Light and dark. That means caution and strategies in place to play the multi-dimensional chess game like a true master.

The truth has been concealed for most on the planet. For indeed an unaware populace could not handle it. The truth is being slowly and steadily revealed. Drip by drop by drip. So it becomes more palatable, and easily digested by a collective that is finally awakening after all the draconian measures implemented to deprive humanity of basic freedoms and human rights.

The Light has played a multi-dimensional chess game. Strategies to outwit the opponent. Keeping humanity at the edge of our seats with enough pressure to compress and impress those who have been asleep to finally ask real questions. To finally wake up. To finally realize this is not what we signed up for. Whatever it is we are experiencing has gone too far. Enough is enough! And so the tables are turning.

The Light appears to work in mysterious ways. People and experiences will come face to face with us to impel and compel us with a sense of compression or pressing in to get out of our comfort zones. We've heard the expression 'no pain, no gain', Well, that seems to be the ultimate way to grow and advance at the soul level. Earth has been a boot camp after all. We have been here for that very reason. To remember who we are and in doing so, live that Divine purpose with Creator energies flowing through us as It experiences ItSelf.

Time to let that all the pain of sorrow, remorse, regret, grief, dark thoughts, feelings and experiences go. Determine to release the shadows of the past. At least call in the Ascended Ones and Angelic Beings of Light to support that transformation and shift in consciousness and awareness. Strive with courage, conviction, clarity and sense of purpose to clear all that clutters our hearts and most specifically our minds.

We are in a huge evolutionary transition on the planet. One that moves us towards a new Light and Love-filled dispensation on the Earth. We are all here to witness this momentous time. And each one of us has played our unique part in the tapestry of life and the living. The one most important energy to embody is that of desire. A large desire for the Light is the motivation and mechanism that opens the aperture to allow the Light to flood in to your consciousness and life experiences.

Remember - all is not what it seems at this present time. The Light conceals Itself and reveals Itself to become more fully embodied as and when the vessel or human avatar desires and opens to it. Perhaps it might be true to say the Light diminishes the darkness and shines ever-brightly, directly proportional and in relation to our surrendering, opening, allowing and receiving.

On a personal level - the Light is ever-present awaiting patiently for that desire to expand. We decide based on our choices and actions. On a collective level for humanity - the Light is here. The veils are or have been removed from our creation. The Light is victorious in this war. The Light is brightly luminous and ever-increasingly so. Take heart. Take courage and expand your desire for the Light to shine on new timelines for the highest good of Self, the Earth, Humanity and all Sentient Beings here and out there!

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