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The Young Urban Wayshower

It's no secret the youth of today have been on the short end of the stick when it comes to having been denied their normal day-to-day interactions. Recently in a passing conversation, parents of teenage girls expressed the sentiments they were tearing their hair out - figuratively speaking of course. They had no idea how to handle their children's remonstrations, angst and frustration over having to school virtually. They were rebelling over the restrictions and being separated from friends. They have not been alone. These past two years have been challenging to say the very least, and I believe this phenomenon is wide spread amongst our youth.

How do we support teenagers who simply want the freedom to be themselves - unfettered and evolving their personalities without restraint? I refer to youth as young "urban wayshowers'. Urban because they have been raised and enculturated as urbanites in a society that affords little opportunity for them to grow and develop in ways that are more natural to the human soul.

For the most part, the education system has practically force-fed the overdevelopment of left-brain logical, analytical thinking; leaving little to no room for creativity and a deep-abiding connection to nature, and the intrinsic multi-dimensional beauty of that connection. More real, and deeply foundational as mystical food for the soul. Let's just say, there has not been much attention placed in today's world for developing the use of the intuitive right-brain, which I venture to say, is actually far more important to the development of one's self-awareness, soul and higher nature.

Youth aught to be encouraged to explore their inner worlds of imagination and the imaginal realms of nature and spirit. Here they will find a grounding and empowerment that is far more sustaining than text books written decades ago that simply have no relevance and do not prepare youth for the real workings of the world. And obviously this is not a reference to the importance placed on the commercialization of this world, which is fleeting and distracting at best. True, the world still needs to turn. Yes, we all need to find our place in it, and become the best we can be within it. Be in it but not of it. In other words, participate with an open heart, great will, joy and intention, while realizing there is more to life.

Suffice it to say, when we know how to access the treasures that lie buried inside of ourselves, we are far more capable of handling trying and unusual situations. All part of our reason to be, and more-so for young people negotiating their way through their young lives and attempting to make sense of where they belong in life.

Imagination and intuition are key for that grounding and empowerment. And young urbanites who wish to acknowledge they are the way showers of tomorrow, are encouraged to dive deeply into the imaginal, mystical multi-dimensional realms of the right brain and creative reality to find the messages of empowerment. And do so with much open-hearted excitement and courage to adventure.

"The Short Stories for Young Urban Wayshower's ~ Inspirational Journeys With Animal Spirits to Transcend the Ordinary and Mundane," have been created to offer hope, inspire and invite young people to explore that which is the opposite of ordinary. That which is more empowering and ultimately to stand the evolving individual in good stead moving forward in life, and into this new paradigm we call reality.

Teaching Sovereign Leadership

Isamu was not one for wasting time or procrastinating. He walked directly into the tunnel that lay to the left of him. Slithers of light lit the way, and he was able to make out the path. Occasionally he put his hand out to feel the wall he was walking alongside. He felt confident he would discover a way out of this interesting location.

His pace was fairly quick, although he did stop once in a while to take stock of how long he had been walking. He knew he had to be back with the group within a half hour. Time’s urgency kept him on his toes, and eager to report a way out to his friends.

After what seemed like a good quarter hour, Isamu felt something warm up against his chest. Some kind of energy seemed to pull him to the side. As he willingly followed, Isamu was aware of a softly glowing light, pulsing and emanating in front of him.

The passageway was lit ever so slightly, and a hovering orb, or whatever it was, was blocking the passage. How was he going to move past it? It was like a giant sphere of liquid blue light, yet as he reached out to touch it, the sensation was solid.

A slight pang of panic filled Isamu’s chest. Come now he thought to himself, as he took a deep breath to muster his courage and fearlessness. Still, this new situation was a challenge. An experience like this he had not come face-to-face with in life.

He peered again at the blue liquid light mass. As he did so, a pair of black eyes started to emerge from the undulating waves of light. Isamu jumped back. He focused his eyes as his head moved forward to see what this was.

What he espied started to morph into a very large cat. Could it be a mountain lion of some sort? Cougar or puma? Isamu cared not in those moments to try distinguish between them. It surely was larger than life, and moving toward him through the liquid light. Isamu took another step back.

“Fear not young one, for courage one needs to be,

Surely you can muster your natural, innate sovereign free.

Would not a little mind and heart flex of soul curiosity,

Gage the wholeness of Spirit’s Divinely inspired ferocity?

For the remembrance and action-oriented power of Light,

Gives you a glimpse and glimmer of courage and insight.

Into the realm of all that’s truth, trusting the Soul’s infinite thrills,

As necessary impulses, and evolutionary, love-expanding skills.

Profess your ability as a leader, and in that place of growing awareness,

Find the balance between forthright confidence and sweet gentleness.

For here you are in this changing time your friends to inspire,

With the guidance and support of the eternal Spiritual fire.

Let it not be about ego and being unto others in your face,

An empowering, way-showing energy leads transformations pace.

It’s the focus and the imperative you are asked to fully engage,

Know you well, this is the appointed time, the new Golden Age.

Out you now journey the adventure you envision and see,

Go out every day with passion, motivation, energy and victory.

And if you may falter and in your own estimation to stumble,

Get up and claim your sacred soul of that which is great humble.

Know this is too, the greater and greatest of here and now task,

Remember that all through the ages we’ve been here for you to ask,

For in which is divinely-inspired that you call courageous Lion,

Is and has been time immemorial that Presence, the Infinite I Am.”

The words faded, as did the big cat’s image; back into the undulating waves of blue liquid light. Isamu corrected his leaning posture. He pulled his head up. He definitely heard words of inspiration to be all that he can be. He most definitely heard encouragement that re-awakened a spark of inner knowing. Those words and that energy surely brought him back to a remembrance of his divine soul-purpose. And yes, true to say, when Isamu checked in to himself, he felt ready.

Isamu took a deep breath and pulled his shoulders back. He closed his eyes for just a brief moment, and invited the beautiful and noble cat into his heart and energy field. And those eyes. Especially those eyes. They were filled with energy, and the power of unconditional love. And this is what Isamu felt and sensed about himself as he moved forward.

Miriam Taranayia Sanua

Coming Soon:

Short Stories for Young Urban Wayshower's ~ Inspirational Journeys With Animal Spirits to Transcend the Ordinary and Mundane

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