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To Breathe is to Live ~ Breathing Life to Wholeness

In this day and age of deep chaotic polarities with so much unfathomable going on in the outer world, notice how you are breathing. Notice the depth of your breath. What happens if you experience some fear or anxiety? How shallow does your breath become if you are barely breathing at all? Our regular depth of breath may even correlate to the very first breath outside of the womb and the experience of a traumatic birthing process.

Breathing is a very powerful, natural mechanism to keep the body, mind, emotions and Soul aligned, unified, whole, healthy and complete.

"Surrendering to the breath is most important. Leave everything else you know behind. Allow your breath to do its healing work. Without breath we would have no life. Hindus and Buddhas call breath prana or life energy force. The First Nations people call breath the very Soul itself, for instance Orenda in Mohawk.

In all cultures breath is sacred, it represents the Divine Life force. It gives one the ability to heal. Without oxygen, the brain and heart would cease to function within only a couple of minutes. We need to remember how essential proper breathing is to every part of us: body, mind, Soul, Spirit.

One can feel more relaxed, more grounded in the body. Greater self-esteem and self-confidence are a result. For those releasing emotional-physiological blocks from childhood trauma of any sort, there are wonderful healings of release of the emotions of anger, rage, fear, terror, shame, guilt, sadness, grief and depression. Sometimes these come out cathartically; other times, they are simply released through the breathing process.

Physiologically, breathing helps to release built up lactic acid in the muscle tissues and waste products in the nervous systems. There is a cleansing and energization process of the red and white blood cells, and a detoxifying effect on the liver and kidneys. The skin and eyes often have a revivifying shift during breathwork. The lungs and sinuses often clear.

Emotionally, there are great releases consciously and unconsciously as the body, which has held certain emotions in certain places, lets go of old stuff.

This is a great clearing. Typically, anger and rage are held in the sides and back of the neck, the jaws, along the top of the shoulders and down the top of the back.

Sadness, grief and depression are held in the eyes, the sinuses, the mouth, the throat, the lungs and the heart.

Fear and terror are released from the heart, the stomach, the throat, the gastrointestinal tract, the anus, the calves, the thighs, mid and especially the lower back.

Mentally, one gains greater clarity and peace of mind. Thoughts are slowed down and are much more manageable. One feels and thinks a sense of well being, being in charge and even a grounded, balanced euphoria. This in part is a result of endorphins and encephalin being released from the brain throughout the body. This is similar to a runner’s and swimmers ‘high’. At the same time, with focused breathing one becomes more grounded in the body and heart-centred in feeling sensations, and what is happening in the body rather than thinking about it.

Spiritually, one often has epiphanies, self-realizations and meetings with the Ascended Spiritual Beings and Angels. One experiences a general sense of being loved and at one with the greater universe of Spirit. Light, colours, mandalas (sacred geometric harmonious shapes), and blissful states are often the end result of each breath work.

Opening of the heart to receive and give love and other feelings is one of the central issues of a human life."

It can't be stated enough; much focus needs to be placed on how you are breathing. Breathing brings you into a state of relaxation and presence. It's this grounding and state of being that is helpful and healthful to carry us forward in a state and flow of grace despite what may be going on around us. Breathe deep.

I AM offering breath work sessions, and I invite you to consider trying a session with me. Please email me at to book a trial session with my special introductory offer. Regular Sessions are $100 and special trial session $65.

Excerpt on the power of breathing from Little Girl's Wish Spiritual Warriors and Young Wayshower's Working-playbook a 13-module course around the values and principles of LOVE with modalities based on over 30 years research and experience. In Journal form - the Working-playbook is available from

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