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Weather Balance ~ Whether Humanity Balances

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

"'The Earth changes and extreme weather patterns will continue for some time. They are indeed primarily part of a Cosmic cyclical event that the entire universe is journeying through. These are evolutionary processes in the natural order of things. Indeed, coupled with human interference, and additionally extenuated by accelerated human consumption for energy and resources. The changes will continue until the two-leggeds come to their senses. I say – this was not the way they were supposed to live on the Source Creative Spirits’ planet. The weather patterns and earthly convulsions will lessen and come back into balance and alignment as more and more humans wake up.

Remember – human consciousness and the clearing of erratic, dark, inconsistent and uncontrolled emotions also have a powerful and positive effect on the weather and the balance of nature.

Energy and consciousness – everything is interconnected. It is therefore vitally important that we support each other. That we understand we cannot live without each other. We are all linked in this wondrous web of Light, as our hearts and souls of the Light are united in love.

The entire universe has started its traverse through the Photon Band of Light. Even astronomers have noticed the inexplicable change in appearance of the planets of our Solar System, as well as the sun that has turned from yellow to white. We are entering the domain of the Golden Age – therefore this momentous occasion is both timely for Earth – myself as a sentient being, and all our relations. The humans must wake up!

Send the message out to all your families, friends and communities. Prompt the starseeds and lightworkers who are awakening – in their timely astrology.

I speak now to the human family: *“Open to the kindness, the quiet, the silence, the gentleness inside your own heart. For it is here when you quietly tune to Mother Earth that you can hear her voice. You can hear her beautiful songs of love that she sings to her minerals and crystal children; the beautiful ballads and mystical plaintive chants that she sings to her waters, earth, air, fire, ether, and the great strong healing remedy melodies that she sings to all her bereaved and sickened animals who long for and need her loving chants and melodies.

You can hear her also in the sighing winds as she cries for her own creatures, her own children, including you. For remember with human blood and earth skin and bones you too are the children of Gaia, the Earth Mother, and she sings and sighs and weeps for you as she feels in her heart of hearts in her very blood of the Earth, the great stress and pain and challenges you face day to day.

She wishes you now to receive through these words her Blessing to heal your heart, and she is grateful for your prayers and your love energy that you send from your heart down through your root chakra into her Earth Heart Centre; for she loves to receive your love and care and blessings.

Each day as you rise and as you walk on her skin, bless her with each footfall, sing to her, of her beauty and the beauty of her creatures, of the beauty of the colours of the day, of the sunrise, the height of the sun and the sunset. Sing to her of the beauty of these, sing to her of the beauty of the waters and the land, the trees, plants, flowers and the shapes of the hills and the Earth herself. She loves to hear you sing to her.

She sings to you always on the wind, in the waters, through the birds. She asks you to take this deeper into your heart when you hear these. And to feel her energy coming up through the soles of your feet, even as you reflex your feet, you open your feet to the earth and feel her love coming up through your feet to your heart. Always remember to do this when you walk on her even when you are on concrete or in your car, you can still receive her love energy through your feet and into your heart”.*

Wake up my beloved children, and take full self-responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, actions and choices. Go inside yourselves to heal the deep wounding of your beautiful inner children, and search out your soul – brilliant diamond in the rough, buried in the deepest depths of your wondrous sacred hearts to heal the split between you and Spirit; you and I – the Earth Mother. I am here. I welcome you back into my arms of love. Be love.'"

Peace and Grace ~ Miriam Taranayia Sanua

Excerpt: Tierra and the Seven Sisters

Chapter: Dendreah, Mother Earth Speaks Her Heart

* Sitting Bull Speaks * co-created with Joseph Barry Martin Ph.D 2000 (C)

Available at: Https://

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