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What is Reality? The Ascension is!

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

What is reality? Pondering this concept is a head trip leading one into never-ending spirals of more pondering. Rather ~ ask for the truth; be with yourSelf; feel into your feelings. What makes sense to you and how does it feel? Come home to your heart. That's where the true gems and treasures reside in the infinite reality of All That Is!

Let's look around us today. What's going on? Ask again! What's really going on? Yes, people going on with their lives in a limited and somewhat restricted way. Is this a true reality? It feels real to so many. What questions are people asking to make sense of things? What are their feeling-based reactions or knowings? What is the truth? What is not the truth?

Here is a truth to ponder and feel in to: The earth is ascending. Humanity is ascending with Mother Earth. Old dysfunctional systems and the false matrix being torn down. The paradigm and reality we have lived under for eons of time is finally being dismantled. To what extent will humanity keep holding on to what is familiar and seemingly safe? How long will humanity stay resigned to the idea that we have no power of our own, and that life is the path that leads to a certain fate where there is no control. Same old, same old? The transformation of the human consciousness is expanding and unifying. That is the reality.

Listen up. There is a great awakening taking place on Mother Earth. The good news is that the Light pouring on to the planet is tearing away the veils of illusion and a reality that humanity has lived for hundreds of thousands of years; programmed to operate under a banner of enslavement. The veils are being rent from people's minds and hearts to see new truths; to feel new empowerments; to reclaim the sovereignty of the eternal soul; to become one in unity with the All That Is; to remember the Divinity that resides within.

Are you ready? Are you awake?

This is the new reality of hope, freedom, gratitude and appreciation,

equality, sharing, empathy and compassion, everything for everyone, unconditional love, the bliss of the true eternal Golden Age and Light. Ponder this reality. It draws closer and closer.

by Miriam Sanua

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