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Who Are You?

Such a simple question might receive a very simple answer. I am a realtor; I am a teacher or I am in finance. The list in todays socio-economic structure is endless. We can be whomever we wish to be in a very compartmentalized and seemingly complicated world.

Is this really who we are? Have we debased our Divine and Sovereign beingness to such an extent that the lowest common denominator fits us happily and perfectly? Just because society has willed or perhaps enforced this on us, doesn't make it true. Doesn't make it so.

Attend a psycho-spiritual-emotional release workshop and you may find yourself sitting across from a partner repeating the question over and over "Who are you?" until you drill down to your core essence. And perhaps you may not even go deep enough in an afternoon or weekend session.

Since the time of our entry into this density we are heaped with layer upon layer of conditioning. Conditioning that comes from every which direction imaginable. And we grow up, or are grown up thinking all this conditioning is perfectly normal. Of course we believe that, because we know no different. This is the status quo. Resign yourself to it. Not!

Aside from the ancient philosophies and teachings of great evolved teachers and their teachings, the past number of decades brought the emergence and emphasis on the inner journey with new transpersonal psychologies that evolved out of Freud, Adler, Jung et al. These relatively modern day pioneers opened the possibility and deep need for shadow work, or inner world journeying into the subconscious to reveal and release the baggage of emotional and mental detritus, stuffed like a wet blanket over our shoulders after decades of pressure, stress and the unnatural need to conform.

The de-layering of emotional stressors, wrong conclusions from past experiences, debilitating mental attitudes has required sincere desire, a deep level of self-responsibility, commitment and courage. Over the decades, healing work has evolved. The amount of Light raining onto the planet at this time, exponentially impulses us with tangible support to bypass the cathartic releases of decades ago; to more graceful processes of connecting to those Beings in Spirit, guides and spiritual way showers for energetic releases coming out of greater self-awareness exercises, breath work, journaling, communing with Self with a capital "S", and healing splits and other aberrations of the lower mind, by spending more time in the healing energies of nature.

The goal is to peel away layers of karma that we carry not only from our own self-judgements and unconsciousness, but those we have come into this life with - embodying and taking on the DNA of our ancestral lines. We are here now to clear this all. We are here now to end the reincarnation cycles within cycles heaped upon us tens of thousands of years. As we so choose.

Events of the past few years have compressed, pushed, cajoled and impulsed us to awaken and reignite that divine spark of Light buried deep within us that was extinguished eons ago. The black coal becomes the diamond only under extreme pressure.

And this is where we have arrived. We have come to a deeper knowing of Self - said with a capital "S"! No longer do we need to identify ourselves by our outer world activities. Rather, we can resolutely and irrevocably know from deep inside of ourselves that we are empowered, sovereign Divine Creator Beings filled with the I AM Presence. And we are back to reclaim the power of love right here and right now!

Now ask of yourSelf, "Who are you?"

Miriam Sanua

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