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Young People's Spiritual Stories and Self Awareness

The focus of children and young people's education has been to create good 'workers' who will go out into the workforce to sustain turning the wheels of that large machine. Over the last century, the industrialization, commercialization and digitalization has taken a 180 degree turn away from that which is natural - that which has sustained creation for eons. This by design.

This is all about to change. Humanity sits at the cusp of the Golden Age - an era of tremendous, life-changing transformation, where spirituality and greater self-awareness returns to its rightful place in the human consciousness; in ways of being and doing. Focus will turn upside down and from outside to the inner world. Visions for a new way of life will shift radically.

One of the absolute priorities in the transformation of life on earth will be the education and upbringing of children, kids, teens and young people or young adults. Decades of left-brain analytical education will make way for a more balanced use of the mind, and directed more towards a heart-based approach.

Nature. Nature is where it's all at. Nature provides the building blocks for all life and mimics the very creation of All That Is. Cut off from the. essential presence of who we are as a Divine creation, decades of upbringing on screens, tablets and cell phones need to be walked back. While good technology will still have a place in society, a walk back into the essentials of spirituality by necessity, needs to become front and centre for children's, kid's and young people's education and growing spirituality - self-awareness if you will.

The split between the outer world persona and the soul needs to be healed. The bridge between the avatar and nature repaired and perhaps rebuilt. The lower mind of mundane life and existence needs to open to the Higher Mind of all things Divine - real, Light-filled, loving, sharing, purposeful, expansive and eternal.

Children's, kids, teens, young people and young adult's spirituality and self-awareness will blossom and flourish spending time in circle out in nature. Communing with the Spirit of all sentient beings created - even inanimate objects like stones. For they are not mute. They hold energy and high frequencies, and they too communicate and love to be communicated with.

Life is teeming with incredible wisdom and healing energies. And this is where our children's spirituality, self-awareness and future as leaders and wayshowers lies and is waiting to be revealed. This is the true education for our children, kids, teens, young people and young adults. Unfettered, unbounded, wild, natural, earthy, abundant and limitless. As are our young ones. Let us nurture them in this perfect place of being, over the bland, numbing and dumbed down analytical, digital instruction of doing. Children and young people are truly connected to their higher nature and the creative values of the infinite.

The children's spiritual story, "Little Girl's Wish Children's Colouring Storybook", reveals the very simple truths of life and the way of being. In this way, we see the truth of the all that is and has been, and what opens up is simply remarkable and miraculous. Other stories soon to be published include "Short Stories for Young Urban Wayshowers" and "Tierra and the Earth Mother". These children's spiritual stories invite young people to explore the energy and truth of life and the living, as it has always meant to be. Connecting to the mother of earth and cosmic creation deepens the inner awakening to Self - the true Divine power of love and Light. This is the direction our children's, kids, teens, young peoples and young adults learning and spiritual growth and self-awareness is flowing to. Let us make it so! And so it is!

Miriam Taranayia Sanua


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