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Tierra And The Seven Sisters

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Welcome to Tierra and the Seven Sisters’ fantastical story – one of the greatest stories to
be told now and to future generations. Ancient, romantic, factual, innocent, dramatic,
fictional, historical, current, spiritual, sobering: Earth’s story – past, present and future of  humanity’s enslavement and ultimate re-awakening to sacred divine love.
A tumultuous, victorious time in the battle of Light against the dark. The triumph of the
human spirit of good over evil. A celebratory story and remembrance of humanity’s
divine origins and sovereignty in the great transition of the Ages for
Mother Earth, all her sentient beings and multi-verse at large. The testing ground for true Spiritual Light Warriors. Tierra and the Seven Sisters is an unfolding history of humankind captured in a web of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual slavery for hundreds of thousands of years.


Told to a circle of open-hearted wise children 200 years in the future – eager to hear the story and wisdom of their ancestral roots closing out the darkest of ages into the dawning of the Golden Age. A race against time to put the call out to all sentient and Galactic beings to show up for Mother Earth in her time of need and great travails. How humanity woke up to truth and ultimate empowerment – finding freedom once and for all time. A story for now. 

Are you just a little curious?

What readers are saying...

“I think your book is perfect for people like me that are waking up but ignorant. It helped
me see the bigger picture. I felt such a loving environment, such a respect for every living
sentient. Really enjoyed it.”


- Joelle


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