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In this ever-changing world, Little Girls Wish Spiritual Warrior & Young Wayshower's Working-Playbook is the perfect 13-module program for teachers, parents or home-school parents to teach children the values and principles of self-love and respect for peers; while generating a keen interest and desire to re-connect with Self, the Earth and nature. These time-tested, invaluable exercises, heart-opening journeys and inner reflections, can be tailored to any age group.
Ideal for young adults looking for answers through inner journeying to self-awareness and empowerment. The intention of this light-hearted working-playbook: ❂ Build on foundational principles of love. ❂ Deepen inner knowing - emotionally, mentally and spiritually through self-exploration. ❂ Foster empathy and compassion. ❂ Connect with Mother Earth and nature in a meaningful and pro-active way. ❂ Engage and stimulate the empowered inner leader to create change in the world. ❂ To create inspired students answering the questions; Who am I? Why am I here? What is my soul purpose?
The time to support our young ones and youth in their emotional, mental and spiritual empowerment and well-being is now. They are the leaders of the future.


*Also available on Barnes & Nobel and Amazon*

Miriam Sanua has the whole earth in her heart, her hands and in her spirit! The working playbook for those that are the “Wayshowers” imparts tremendous knowledge of Love and all of creation. Miriam has empowered children and adults to be the caregivers of the earth, to learn about the healing ways that inspire action, creativity, meditation and personal evolution."


-Martha Hoey BFE, B Ed, RTTPT

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